Join the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects in Philadelphia, PA in its

Annual Winter Islamic Knowledge Seminar

Saturday, December 26th, 2020 – Saturday, January 2nd, 2021

This year the seminar will be held virtually in collaboration with the Advocates of the Merits of Islam for Today’s Youth (AMITY).


The seminar includes five daily sessions that will be broadcast on YouTube and Facebook as well as Qur’an and Review classes that require pre-registration.  

Schedule for Dawrah 2020

The broadcast will also feature Madih & Qur’an recitations between lectures.

Registration is not required to view the main lectures on YouTube and Facebook. It is only required for the Qur’an and review classes.

Viewing Channels

AICP Channels for LIVE Viewing

AMITY Channels for LIVE Viewing

All lectures will be posted online for 24 hours before they are removed. Registration is not required to view the live lectures.

Topics & PDFs

Lectures 1-3 will be given by Sheikh Samir Al-Qadi on the book Al-Waraqaat.  Lecture 4 will be given by Sheikh Sami Al-Qadi on the Aqeedah of Ibn ^Asakir. The final lecture (Lecture 5) will be a lessons for the heart given by Sheikh Gilles Sadek.

PDFs for the classes are available online via AMITY Online ( for a small $20 donation. We encourage those who download the file not to share the PDFs so that we can encourage more donations.

Download PDFs

Qur’an & Review

In addition to the five daily lectures, the seminar includes:

  • Qur’an classes offered in the mornings every day at 8AM
  • Daily review classes for Al Waraqaat and the Aqeedah of Ibn ^Asakir

***Registration is required to attend the review sessions and must be done through AMITY’s page at

Register Now


Supporting the Da^wah is everyone’s responsibility. With the COVID crisis and the cancellation of most events and activities, our centers need your support now more than ever.  We encourage every viewer of this year’s Dawrah to donate online as they would had they been in attendance in person. AICP needs the support of the community to overcome this hardship.