Annual Winter Dawrah 2023 will be held from Saturday, 23rd December to Sunday, 31st December

About Dawrah

As always, our main intention is to attend this Dawrah to learn Islamic knowledge for the sake of Allah and then have some fun in shaa’Allah.

Join the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects in its Annual Winter Islamic Knowledge Seminar in Philadelphia, PA with Dr Shaykh Mohammad Bakri.

The Winter Dawrah will be held for 9 days during which the Shaykh will give lessons on Tafsir of Al-Qur’an and Maliki Fiqh. Also during this time various activities will be carried out.

Attendance is free. Schedule information will be available soon.

About Dawrah Speaker

Shaykh Mohamed Al-Bakriy was born in Beirut and met the great scholar, ash-shaykh ^Abdullah Al-Harariyy from a young age. He was raised by the Shaykh, as he gained Knowledge directly from him, as other students of our Shaykh did, may Allah Protect them.

Shaykh Mohamed Al-Bakriy learned different kinds of valuable knowledge and memorised multiple texts and books. He then concentrated his attention towards the Malikiyy Jurispudence (Fiqh), hence, he acquired an abundance of it from our Shaykh. He also specialised and excelled in the knowledge of inheritance from the Shaykh. He was a servant of our Shaykh, may God have Mercy on him, and became a companion of his during the Shaykh’s travels. The Shaykh would task him with important matters to Spread the Da^wah and so Shaykh Mohamed travelled internationally giving lessons and lectures to many people around in Mosques and homes.

Thus this Shaykh has been dedicated in spreading the True Islamic Knowledge, may Allah Protect him.

Bazaar Registration

Registration for the Bazaar is now closed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Accomodation Information

AICP set up with Homewood Suites by Hilton University City (Philadelphia, PA) for the hotel for Dawrah.

The rate is $90 a night (not including parking and taxes). Discounted Dawrah rates now available at Homewood Suites! Space is limited so book early.

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